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After choosing your Lotto number your Bloods Lotto subscription will be automatically added to the cart.

If ‘out of stock’ – you need to pick another number.

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Bloods Lotto Rules

  • You pick your lucky number. If already taken – ‘out of stock’ – you need to pick another.
  • First number drawn in each Saturday’s Lotto draw is the winner;
  • $200 weekly prize;
  • Cost: $10 per week automatically deducted from your credit card;
  • All participants notified weekly by email of winning number & winner/s
  • Multiple entries allowed;
  • Only eligible to win if you are paid up to date prior to each Lotto draw;
  • You can join Bloods Lotto at any time during the season;

You can opt out at any time by sending an email to

NB: If you find your lucky number is already taken & don’t want to pick another  email & we are sure we can work something out.